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Underarms  $25

Half Arms  $40

Full Arms  $50 (Shoulders and fingertips included.)

Hands  $16

Brazilian  $60 (All hair will be removed from the entire front and includes a butt strip.)

Bikini  $50 (Hair is removed on just the front If desired, you may choose to leave a patch of hair behind such as a landing strip.)

Bikini Line  $40 (Hair is removed only on the outer part of the panty line, This is a great way to ease into waxing the entire bikini area.)

Stomach Strip  $10 (Hair is removed in a line from the bottom of the belly button to the top of the panty line.)

Full Stomach  $35

Butt Strip  $20 (Removes all that grows between the cheeks.)

Full Butt  $30 (Includes both butt cheeks and the butt strip.)

Nipples  $12

Lower Back  $20 (Hair is removed from the bottom of the rib cage to the top of the pants line.)

Upper Back  $20 (Hair is removed from the middle of the back to the top of the shoulders.)

Full Back  $45 (All of the hair is removed from the top to bottom.)

Inner Thighs  $18 (Hair is removed from the entire inner thigh area all the way down to the knee.)

Back of Legs *Upper*  $20 (Hair is removed from under the buttocks to the back of the knee.)

Upper Leg  $45

Lower Leg  $40

Full Leg  $75 (Includes feet and toes.)

Feet  $15 (Includes toes.)


The Total Package

Includes a Brazilian wax & a vajacial. A high-frequency treatment is also performed, killing Ingrown causing bacteria. $105 (55 mins)


Facial for your bikini area. Includes a deep cleanse, soothing steam, ingrown hair extractions, hydro-gel mask, deep moisture treatment and ingrown hair oil. $65 (40 mins)



Hydra Mask (Bikini Area)

Hydro-gel aftercare mask to soothe the area after a wax, deep moisture treatment, and ingrown hair oil. $18 (15 mins)


Butt Facial 

An enzyme cleanse, and mask is done to help promote healthy skin on your bottom. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, this is for you! $70 (35 mins)

Back Facial 

Deep cleanse, steam, exfoliate, and extract, high frequency is performed to kill the bacteria under the skin, followed with a soothing hydrogel mask. If you are someone who suffers from back outbreaks this service will help out a lot. $75 (45 mins)